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AMSOIL provides synthetic lubricants for a broad range of applications. Below is just a few. Make your selection to view all AMSOIL Products associated to your particular application.


All fleet operators, regardless of size, are looking for ways to cut costs. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants can save you tens of thousands of dollars through fewer oil changes, less downtime, reduced maintenance costs and extended equipment life.  And that means increased productivity.  For documentation of some of these benefits, see our Truck and Fleet Application section and our Guardian Pest Control study (pdf).

The Right Environmental Choice

Because of their molecular engineering, AMSOIL lubricants significantly reduce emissions, last longer, reduce fuel consumption and prevent environmental pollution.  Furthermore, according to a 2006 study by the U.S. Department of Energy up to 80% of used oil is disposed of improperly.  That’s a staggering 348 million gallons per year!  AMSOIL’s extended drain intervals can make a dramatic reduction in the volume of used oil and filters.
AMSOIL Environmentally Conscious Products -More Info

Our Performance Improver fuel additive for gasoline engines maximizes fuel efficiency by dissolving and removing fuel system deposits and other contaminants for improved power and overall performance.  It also reduces hydrocarbons up to 15%, carbon monoxide up to 26% and nitrous oxides up to 17%.

You do not need to sacrifice power and performance in order to reduce your carbon footprint.  Simply switch to AMSOIL.

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